A friend of mine, Winn Griffin, has put together a program called Reading the Bible Without Additives in 100 Days.  As Winn points out, many of our ways of “indexing” the Bible have led us to read it in a way which makes catching the overall story very difficult.  Winn has developed a program to read the entire Bible in a story form, using The Books of the Bible

“Read the text of Scripture in a new way using The Books of The Bible™ text which is a new edition of Today’s New International Version where:

  • Chapter and verse numbers are removed from the text.
  • Each book’s natural literary breaks are shown instead.
  • There are no notes, cross references, or section headings in the text.
  • Text is presented in one column rather than two.
  • Books that have historically been divided into parts are restored.
  • Books are presented in an order that gives readers more help in understanding them.”

Winn’s program is free and the Bible only costs $8.99.  Hmm… sounds like a great Christmas gift or New Year’s resolution to me.